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Digital Design Development

The Hardline design process is born out of decades of combined industry experience. Our key innovation: exclusive use of digital tools. By eliminating transitions from analog to digital we deliver unparalleled efficiency and set standards in precision and quality.


Hardline designers use CAD as a tool for creativity: we intentionally blur the lines between traditional roles of designers, modelers and engineers. Our team consists of creative minds and problem solvers, rather than narrowly-defined field specialists.


Modern product development is a multi-disciplinary digital process. Engineering checks, design reviews and marketing/customer evaluations are made seamless with our digital design approach. We do not pause to align with engineering; there is no need to scan clay models to check deviation from package. We eliminate quality loss at reverse-engineering scanned data into CAD. Stunning visuals and animations for marketing discussions, sales pitches or investor decks are a natural by-product of our approach.


Ironically, the roots of our digital design process are in our hands-on analog experience. We learned our craft from sculptors and artisans, from the world’s best clay modelers. This is the cornerstone of what we do: we combine the clear upsides of the digital design process with the poetry and soul often associated with hand-made sculpture.


It took us many dozens of full-size models, show cars, prototypes and production cars to hone our skills and to transition fully into digital. Hardline27 is proud to offer this one-of-a-kind design process to our customers.

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